Going To The Sea To Meet A Strange Creature That Looks Like An Alien “Monster”, The Man Is Scared And Does Not know Its True Value

Strange Creature: Nobody expected this weird-looking alien creature to be so expensive.

Martyn Green, a 47-year-old man from New Brighton, England, was walking along the coast of Caernarfon in North Wales during his family vacation when he unexpectedly came across a strange creature. At first glance, he thought it was just a large log that had washed ashore from the ocean.

However, upon closer inspection, he was surprised to find it was actually a bunch of sea creatures with tentacles clinging to the log.

Martyn had never seen these creatures before, and he couldn’t identify their species or where they came from.

Martyn said his wife Gemma was the first to spot some strange creatures while they were walking on the beach with their family. They were curious about these creatures as they had never seen anything like them before. Local people were also interested in these strange-looking creatures.

Martyn’s son, Daniel, searched on the internet and found out that these creatures are called Gooseneck Barnacles. They belong to a group called geese and are considered rare and special. People in Mediterranean countries like Portugal and Spain consider them a delicacy.

Martyn discovered that these Gooseneck Barnacles are quite expensive, around £25 each, and he estimated that there might be around 2,000 of them.

If the estimates are right, the log filled with sea creatures could sell for an incredible £50,000.

Goose barnacles are unusual animals that may not look very appealing but taste delicious. Some people compare them to a mix of oysters and shrimp. They are called the “truffle of the sea” because they are rare and hard to find. They have thick bodies and claw-like parts shaped like diamonds and can only live on rocks in the intertidal zone (the area between high and low tide) of the coast.

Humans cannot farm or raise goose barnacles; they can only be found in the sea. Because of this, harvesting them is very challenging, and they are considered rare and difficult to find, especially in certain regions like Costa Vicentina in Spain, Portugal, and Russia. Due to their culinary and monetary value, goose barnacles are always in demand in the market, and divers take advantage of bad weather to capture them.

A diver is searching for goose barnacles.

Fernando Damas, who dives for geese, believes that even a difficult day at sea is more enjoyable than a dull day at the office because the ocean is full of surprises.

Martyn shared pictures of unique sea creatures on Facebook, catching the interest of many people. Some found them “amazing,” while others thought they looked “creepy” and alien-like.

Gooseneck Barnacles are not very common, but seeing them in large numbers on the North Wales coast is rare, according to Frankie Hobro, the director of the Anglesey Marine Zoo.

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