A Five-Legged Cow Walking Around India With An Appendage Stuck To Its Neck

These incredible pictures show a five-legged cow with an extra limb attached to its neck.

Many people believe the four-year-old animal brings good luck to whoever touches the extra limb, with some claiming it represents a Hindu deity.

The owner, Laxman Bhosale, 35, travels around the country with the cow, and hundreds of people regularly come to catch a glimpse of the unique creature.

This five-legged cow with the extra limb on its neck travels around India with its owner because many believe it brings good luck.

Laxman said, “The cow is our holy animal, and we consider her as our mother. God has given her an extra limb to show that we must respect and seek her blessings. Touching the cow’s extra limb will bring good luck and help fulfill all your wishes.”

Last July, Mr. Bhosale started his journey from his home in Solapur, Maharashtra, where he owns a cow shelter. During his journey, he visited six states and 15 major cities.

Laxman mentioned that people used to come to their house to see the cow, and even from distant districts, they would come seeking blessings.

A close-up image shows the additional limb, which seems to be attached to the animal’s neck and side. Some believe that touching this limb will bring good luck to them and their family.

The cow has five legs. Some believe it is a manifestation of a Hindu God.

“I decided to travel across India with the cow so that people all over the country can witness this wonder and receive her blessings.

The cow represents the essence of Hindu religion. I am just trying to promote that belief.”

Most people who come to see the five-legged wonder show their respect by making donations.

Laxman added, “I traveled through Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

The cow is on the back of a truck, ready to go to its next location. The journey started last July.

Everywhere we went, people welcomed the mother cow and enjoyed her blessings. Many people wanted to touch the cow’s fifth leg.”

Laxman has now reached New Delhi, which is India’s capital. But he mentions that this is only a temporary stop.

He plans to take Mother Cow around the city for a few days. Then, he will take her further down to Mata Vaishno Devi, a holy shrine in Jammu and Kashmir, he added.

Laxman wants all of humanity to benefit from the blessings of Mother Cow and her fifth leg.

Some people who visit the cow offer donations, while others simply come to pay their respects.

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