Luv ni Love Storys Gujarati Full Movie Release Free in HD 300mb

             Luv ni love stories is a film based on the reality of today’s era about love . The direction by Durgesh sir along with Abhishek is splendid, actors have been casted by Avni Soni very wisely . This is the best love story movie in this year so download free in hd in 300mb online and enjoy it.

Luv ni Love Storys Gujarati Full Movie Download Free in HD 300mb
Luv ni Love Storys Gujarati Full Movie Download Free in HD .

            Pratik Gandhi is Gem of the movie , really appreciated the efforts put down by vyoma. Shraddha’s sweetness as MISHTI also makes the first half really fun . Deeksha is the star of second half of this movie . Special shootouts to Hardik and Bhavya they are extravagant actors along with a lot of humour . Also Tarjani deserves lot of claps for her cuteness.

          The film becomes a complete package after Parth music add their melodious touch. Also the senior cast Mehul sir , Harkishen sir , alpana ma’am, Bhavini ma’am, and Vandana ma’am. who give the film a different glory with there experience. All in All it’s a total blockbuster. Cheers to the team of LNLS 300mb.

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          This is a love triangle movie Which is about a bonding of life and takes around a beautiful story. Performance of the lead actor Pratik Gandhi and Diksha and other actress are awesome, all the star cast members worked hard on this precious storyline of luv ni love storys.

          The movie is the best combination of story, music, cinematography and camera work. Music of the movie always keeps a different stand so here this part is very well done. One can go and watch with their family.

Song NameSinger
“Manzil”Aditya Gadhvi, Siddharth Amit Bhavsar
“Ghoome Jaaye Re” Siddharth Amit Bhavsar

        I saw this movie based on the positive reviews I read. First thing is that this is a 2 hours 30 minutes long movie, secondly the good thing about the movie is in between comic scenes and character. But the songs and love stories, very predictable and have been dragged.

         Concept was good but they made it very predictable like Hindi movies. Acting is good but again if anyone says its hit because of its story and particularly love story, sad but it’s not the case here. Plot could have been a lot better. Love concept has been totally Ruled out of the movie ironically.

Best Gujarati Love Story movie in 2020 by 300mb.

           This movie breaks all the barriers that gujarati movies cant be as good as bollywood movies. This film has all the things which a blockbuster needs. Superb direction, fabulous actors, passionately directed. I must say – Love Ni Love stories is made with affection & pure love. kudos to the team guys. I loved it.

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           Its a complete family entertainer! Just go and watch with family to watch the different dimensions of love and the real love of course! The music and acting are amazing. The direction and cinematography are awesome. You will fall in love With Luv here and also understand the real value of true love.

          “ANOTHER MUSICAL BLOCKBUSTER AFTER LOVE NI BHAVAI” In love with the Ghoome Ghoome jaaye re, I kept on singing till I reached home! Best motivating story for youngsters like us! Loved the story as well as characters specially Pratik Ghandhi sir’s character LUV, i didn’t find even one moment as a dull moment! Superb screenplay and backgroud music. 10/10 – Highly recommended!!!


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