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This movie is superb specially I like. the story and the way of presentation, beacause nowadays we see that most of the parents of our generation are facing the same problem. So a must watch movie for the married couple. All actors have played such a nice role especially ojas Raval , Divyang and Manoj Joshi. The last but not least, music director also have done a great job, tremendously beautiful.

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Chasani – Best Gujarati Movie 2020

Good experience,Superb scripting of a movie on husband-wife relationship – like never before. I haven’t seen such a good Gujarati movie for some time now. Manoj Joshi at his best as a hypocrite husband simply excels.

Divyang Thakkar Actor

Manoj Joshi Actor

Ojas Rawal

Sejal Shah

Ashish Bhatt

Maira Doshi

Vaidehi Upadhyay

Kapildev Shukla

Kirtidan Gadhavi Chasani movie

We always think about how the other couple must live, love and laugh. least realizing anything about our own life. or more so we think our life together is happy.

Superb sequences, a nice twist in the end though handled dramatically – the goodwill generated by all earlier scenes washes away any negative marking. Loving and expressing love are two different aspects is wonderfully expres

It certainly helps everyone to think as youth combo of action, drama, fun and yes the actors have given script a live demo. I would recommend everyone to watch this movie once and see if the same mistakes are not repeated in your life.


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