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What is it like in the Gujarati film ‘Have Kyare Malishu’ which smashed the graph of success overnight ?

In one of the scenes, the audience spoke afarin afarin.

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The family Gujarati film ‘Have Kyare Malishu’, which was recently released across Gujarat on the occasion of Diwali, has broken many records. After a long time, a large crowd of spectators is frozen in the Gujarati cinema houses.

The Gujarati film ‘Now When Will We Meet’ is highly acclaimed because it is a film worth watching with the family, its melodious song-music, one-to-one dialogue, location, story, suspense story, cast, acting, choreography have captivated the Gujarati audience.

After a long time, people have seen a film that can be enjoyed with the family. And that is why people are enthusiastically enjoying the Gujarati film ‘Now When Will We Meet’ with the adherence to Corona’s guideline.

If you look at the credit aspect of the film, the success of the film ‘Now When Will We Meet’, made under the banner of Condolia Films, has surpassed. Condolia Films has given something new like every time. And that is the specialty of Condolia Films.

The producers of the film Harshad Kandoliya and Khushbu Shah have left no stone unturned in making a successful film. Popular actress Prenal Oberoi, on the other hand, has a majestic acting career. And with that, Shreya Dave has also given a bump. Comedy King Gago and his team have also been deployed.

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This is the first film of child artist Shlok Barot. Who is the son of Rajdeep Barot. While Prem Kandoliya, who has become a villain, has given a convincing performance.

Prem Kandolia, who has become the villain of the film, has made the audience happy. People are fascinated by its one-on-one dialogue and action. His acting has given the character of the villain a new height. Villain Prem’s Dialogue and Jignesh – Rajdeep Barot’s song is making a splash on social media! “Mara malakna maya rani dhima dhima halo re ..” The song is made of silver.

The film is directed by Harshad Kandoliya and directed by Bhavesh Gorasia and Anmol Shah. The melodious song of the film was written by Rahul Vegad. Musician Manoj Vimal has four moons.

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The film was shot in the tribal area of Chhotaudepur district. The scenic views and locations are brand new to Gujarati films. Chhotaudepur district has been given a natural beauty by nature.

There is a good chance for tourists to visit a tourist spot or shoot a movie. The people there are also simple and collaborative. The government machinery also has a very positive attitude towards development. This is also a big factor for the success of the film.

If we look at it in another way, the movie ‘When will we meet now’ is a blunt answer to the divider of urban and ruler …!
The film is not only a hit in single cinemas, but also in multiplexes. Watching this movie with family. The opinion of such film lovers has been prevailing.

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