FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download For Mobile And PC Full Version, How To Play FAU-G Game?

The game is really good, the graphics have been better than expected, the storyline is quite attractive with a bit of artistic touch, voice and storyline brought Goosebumps. So Download FAU-G Full Game for mobile and Pc, However, some technical suggestions may apply with the upcoming version and setup* A Sprint lock in the control and modifications in the controller like something to jump, climb the rocks in stealth mode.

The combat somehow is a GTA concept where certain phrases are being spoken, Lt. Singh’s dialogues need a bit of timing. For those who are saying that the game is not up to marks, dude what do you want in a 400MB game who is in early access? Cyberpunk 2077? At least wait for updates.

This is just a drop, wait for the ocean to arrive. So plz don’t spread hate. Those have tried hard for it. We should appreciate them for their hard work. Now have some patience and enjoy it and do wait for updates to get some GOD gaming level updates. At last, I just want to thanks developers and wishing them more success in the future.

FauG (Fauji) Game Best Weapons List.

This is much much more than I expected! I am not a gamer who only feeds upon one single game like PUBG, Call of Duty, or Freefire. I always loved fighting games. But nowadays after the arrival of PUBG and other shooting and survival games.

we can’t see fighting games with rich graphics and storylines that much. And after getting this surprise I am really satisfied. The fighting sequences, camera angles, cutscenes, Hindi voiceover, and everything was exactly perfect from tip to toe KEEP IT UP

FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download For Mobile And PC Full Version, How To Play FAU-G Game?

The game is exceptional. To be created in such a short time I hand it to the creators. I hope by the next update they focus on graphics and smoother gameplay with more controls over the character. Last but not least guns.

All people gave 5 stars so more Indians are motivated to create more games. Also do not compare this with PUBG. This is a different game and not to be compared. All those who compare this with other games a shame. Love to the creators keeps supporting Indian developers.

FAUG Game Map, And Combat Room.

Good job by ncore studios. The graphics are decent and the gameplay is nice. The storyline is good. we played this game on both entry-level and mid-range phones. In the midrange, it is quite smooth but in entry-level phones, it lags a bit. In flagship it is flawless. But still, a lot more way to go.

Need lots of content like weapons, battle royale, vehicles, weather physics. Keep on improving and updating. This game has the ability to meet international standards. Jai hind…

Really well-done team of nCore games liked this story mode just one suggestion you all could have added more levels for this launch because the game just finished quickly but let it be we developers know how long these processes take to deliver a bug-free and working game.. also some quick points to you can look into – Add some medkits or bandages – Missing jump button – Sprinting diagonally is not available. – Camera angle when a character fights in a corner or reaches a corner.

The overall game is good. Fabulous game. Awesome combat moves. Hindi dialogues are also awesome. Controls are average. The graphics are awesome. The game story is also great. But I have found some problems. Because every time my character goes in the middle of the enemy squad. And picking knives or axes during a fight is very difficult. Please improve this thing.

FAU-G Game Play Live Video Trailer.

Thanks, NCore gaming for giving us such a great game on this 26th January E. Jay hind, First of all, I’m very impressed by the quality of the graphics. Great job. And I loved the intro part, which is in Hindi and the characters also talk in Hindi throughout the gameplay.

As for now, the game has only campaign mode with hand to hand, melee weapons’ fights with the enemies. I see it kinda takes you through the Galway Valley. I liked it. There are upcoming modes like Team Deathmatch and Free For All. Looking forward to playing these modes. Please update soon.

I was very surprised to see such amazing graphics. The gameplay is amazing. I was really waiting for FAUG. The first release itself u have made the game higher than my expectations. Really amazing. As this is the first release, there is a slight heating issue and also please improve the joystick and movement.

Faug Game Download Apk, Windows, ios, Teblet, PC.

Please include battle pass also Things that need to be done in the next update: 1. The transition between walking and running should be improved. 2. The enemy health needs to be displayed. I understand that not showing health makes it more real but not knowing the health makes gameplay feel long.

3. Add a story archive for late-game story view. Now the best of the game. I love the story and the voice over. I love the graphics and the mele action. In short, I love this game.

I know how difficult it is to make an action game. I remember what it was like, this is way better. Nice work and congrats for making India’s first action shooting game. Don’t listen to hate reviews. This game was way above my expectations.

we became a bit emotional when I saw the intro story as it reminded me of the Galwan valley incident. The soundtrack is awesome. The graphics and the controls are good but it still needs to be improved and I am sure both will be upgraded in the next update. Overall it’s a terrific attempt by the Indian developers.