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The state of the cinema world is dire.After everything goes as planned, the cinema world has, to wait a long time to get back to its regular mood.The audience cannot dare to sit in the air-conditioned closed environment of the cinema, for two and a half to three hours.,This is because the entire market was gradually unlocked by the government after the lockdown of the corona fears that raised their heads again.

Master the vijay south movie

Even when all the other markets are open and slowly setting in, the theaters are still closed. The government has given permission to open theaters with a capacity of 50 per cent, but the audience has not yet come to the cinema. And because of the absence of an audience, even Lmikars are not ready to take the risk. In English this condition is called juggernaut. An impasse whose two ends are entangled. One opens, the other opens, and neither can open without the other.

Master South Movie Vijay Full Movie

Since March last year, i.e. in the month of March 2020, there is a possibility that the besieged Boxordsi Moneymeter will start in free startup mode. Arrived on Hindi platform yet The film world is living up to its expectations, no charisma has come yet. Then, in South India, popular actor Vijay’s ‘master’ Kmi has rained down on boxy. With the launch of the year 2001, this is the most good news for the cinema world as well. The most tweeted hashtag in the year 2020 was Kshmi “Master”. Vijay’s tweet tagged with MasterSelf was also the most retweeted.

Had it not been for Corona’s care, the victory was to be released in April 2020. There were also rumors of a release on the OTT platform and Lmikaro once released a “master release” on the occasion of Diwali. He decided to do it but as the situation did not seem favorable, he decided to present it at the Pongal festival in January 2011 and that decision proved to be a pleasant one for Lmikars. It can also be said that the Tamil Nadu government and the Central government came face to face over the release of this Kshmini. As per the guidelines of the Government of India, it was not possible to allow more than 50 per cent capacity in the theater. With this in mind, the producer of the film ‘Master’ and Dmina Lead Hero Vijay requested the Tamil Nadu government.

The Vijay Master Tamil South Movie Release

Following his research, the Tamil Nadu government also reversed its decision to release the film with 100 per cent capacity and ordered compliance with central government rules. In thVijay’s “master” was released with 90% capacity andIn Tamil Nadu, spectators lined up long to see Lmi. The film also stars first-time Tamil cinema boxer Powerpack star Thalapathi in the lead role and Vijay Methupathi in the lead role. Lmi is directed in Lokesh Kangaraj. Master Kshmi, who made more than Rs 100 crore in three days, also became the highest selling in Dubai.

The Hollywood action flick surpassed the combined gross of Wonder Woman 18 and Net in just two days. It has also been announced that this will be a Hindi remake of Kshmini. Ravi Teja’s Telugu Lmi cake was also released along with Vijay’s “Master”. The film was released in most theaters in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Why the morning and afternoon of the film were not held. Only evening shows are held. However, the company has already earned more than Rs 50 crore in the Hindi provinceSo far no response has been received from the South. Of coursecoursecoursecours no big banner has been released on the big screen since March 2020.

The family drama “Ramprasad Ki Tehravi”. made in 2012, was the first Hindi film of the year to be released in theaters. However, this has never been a box office status and the same thing happened with Ramgopal Varma’s ’18th Clock’. After “Sarkar 2”, Ramgopal Verma tried his hand at Hindi as a director. Horror, Schiller, Crime and the underworld genre is Ramu’s flirtation. “19th Clock ‘is a horror movie.

Mithun Chakraborty, Manav Kaul is in the lead role. There was a theatrical release but the audience distanced themselves from it. With January 5 in mind, the producers are scrambling to release the film, but this time there is only the film “Madam Chief Minister” on the field. Richa Chadha’s “Madam Chief Minister” is a political drama to be presented in theaters today. The film is directed by Subhash Kapoor, the satirical comedy drama “X Gaye Re Obama”, Jolly LLB Part One and Tuna.

Along with Richa, Subhash’s favorite actor Saurabh Shukla will also be seen in the lead role. The theater owners and filmmakers are sitting on the sidelines, with the “Madame Chief Minister” licking the box platform oxymetry of the Hindi platform and the audience moving towards the theater for free.

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