Startled Woman Runs Away When She Sees Tiny Creatures That Are Very Similar To Baby Mice But Extremely Strange In Her Kitchen

Baby Mice : Furry creatures with tails were found crawling across a mother’s kitchen floor, and people have compared them to something from a scary movie.

A man from New Zealand is confused after finding weird-looking alien-like creatures crawling across his mother’s kitchen floor.

Tim Clerke from Auckland, New Zealand’s North Island, used social media last week to try and figure out what the unusual-looking creatures were.

Mr. Clerke asked his Facebook friends for help in identifying the monsters, which have been described as ‘horror movie creatures.’

Experts on insects couldn’t come to a consensus about the creature in the video. Some said it looked like the legs of a moth, while others thought it might be rat-tailed maggots.

A traveler from Australia found a strange larva with a long tail (pictured) in Lake Bolac this month.

He said, My mother found these on the kitchen floor this morning. One is still alive.

Does anyone know what they are? Nikki is very scared and will have bad dreams for weeks.

Mr. Clerke also uploaded a video of the strange animals to his Facebook page.

Strange-looking animals with small round bodies and long thin tails can be seen wriggling around someone’s fingers in a short film.

Tim Clerke, from Auckland, New Zealand, said these bizarre-looking animals appeared in his mother’s kitchen.

One user suggested they looked like someone cut the bottom end off of baby mice.

Despite Mr. Clerke’s attempts to get the Internet’s help, social media users were confused about what the creatures could be.

One person commented, “[It’s] like someone cut the bottom end off of baby mice.”

Another person said, “That’s like a horror movie.”

Yet another frightened user added, “I hope it’s just a hoax; otherwise, I won’t sleep well.”

Some users guessed they were “deformed baby mice,” while others suggested they might be “miniature bats.”

Mr. Clerke posted a video of strange-looking animals on his Facebook page, but no one could figure out what they were.

Some users were disgusted by the sight and wondered if someone was holding them.

Even experts couldn’t identify the animals in the video.

The team at Biosecurity New Zealand suggested that the video showed the detached legs of a moth. Despite the video getting many views, nobody knew for sure what the animals were.

“They think something, maybe a cat, had recently eaten the moth’s body, which could explain why a few legs were still twitching,” said a spokesperson to Yahoo!7.

But scientists from the University of Auckland disagreed and believed the video was a fraud.

On the other hand, bug specialist Eric Edwards suggested that the unknown creatures might be rat-tailed maggots.

The true identity of the animals is still uncertain.

An Australian traveler found a strange maggot in Lake Bolac, Victoria’s Western District, a few weeks ago.

An insect expert confirmed that it was a type of maggot called a rat-tailed maggot.

The creature in the traveler’s video was also identified as a rat-tailed maggot by another expert.

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