The Giant Bat In The Philippines Is As Big As An Adult, Causing Many People To Panic

Giant Bat : A big photo of a very large bat hanging upside-down from a ceiling has been circulating online recently.

An old picture of an enormous bat in the Philippines has resurfaced on Twitter, surprising users. The scary image seems to show a bat as big as a human, hanging from a wire outside a building. It became popular on Reddit in 2018, but it gained attention again last month when a Twitter user named ‘@AlexJoestar622’ shared it on the platform.

The Twitter user wrote, “Remember when I told you all about the Philippines having human-sized bats? Yeah, this was what I was talking about,” while sharing the picture.

On Twitter, the picture has gotten thousands of ‘likes’ and hundreds of silly comments. Many people found it terrifying, but some doubted if it was real.

However, the picture is not actually fake.

According to the fact-checking website Snopes, the photograph shows a real animal from the real world.

The viral picture displays a massive bat hanging from a wire.

There’s a picture of a large bat flying around, and people are unsure about its exact species. However, most people believe it’s a huge golden-crowned flying fox, a type of megabat found only in the Philippines.

The giant golden-crowned flying fox has really big wings, up to 5.5 feet, but it’s only about a foot tall. It’s larger than most other bats, but it’s not human-sized, like some viral tweets claimed.

According to the Daily Mail, the photo was taken using trick photography to make the bat look even larger than it is. They used forced perspective photography, an optical illusion technique that can make things appear bigger or smaller than they actually are. It’s like those pictures of tourists pretending to hold up famous landmarks like the Taj Mahal or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The Reddit user “eveп” posted another photo of a bat yawпiпg from a different angle as it woke up from its daytime sleep. Flying foxes are usually active during the night or twilight.

A person on Twitter, claiming to be from the Philippines, confirmed that these bats are not actually human-sized. They have large wingspans, but their bodies are not as big. They are more or less the same size as a medium-sized dog, and the user described them as gentle creatures.

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