A Viral Video Of A Python Eating An Unusual Creature While Hanging From The Roof Was Captured By The Camera

The photographer captured a unique moment when a large snake called a diamond python swooped down from the roof and ate a big possum.

Morning (May 13), snake catcher Stuart McKenzie was asked to catch a big python at a house in Mooloolaba, which is located north of Brisbane, Australia, as reported by the Daily Mail.

When McKenzie arrived, they saw a python falling from the feeding area and it had eaten half of the kangaroo.

Another person on Facebook agreed with McKenzie, saying, “It’s amazing how the python can hang from the gutter with such a heavy thing in its mouth.”

We know that a possum can grow up to 1 meter long, while the diamond python can reach a length of 3 meters. The diamond python is not harmful to humans, but it typically eats rats, kangaroos, and occasionally even household pets.

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