A Lion Embraces Its Caretaker After 20 Years Of Companionship And An Unexpected Tragic Ending

A Lion: After being together for twenty years, a rescued lion says goodbye to its caretaker named Lin. Thank you to the kind lady who lovingly took care of him.

Jupiter is a famous lion from Colombia who became well-known while living at Rfamus Villa Lorena. He was saved from the circus, where he was often mistreated, and his claws were taken out.

Villa Lorena is a special place where many injured animals, like Jupiter the lion, are looked after. A lot of these animals used to belong to captured drug traffickers.

Ana Julia Torres takes care of four lions, nine Bengal tigers, jaguars, cougars, a crocodile, a spotted bear, an ostrich, Jocko the chimpanzee, spider monkeys, and many colorful birds. All of these animals have something in common: they have been hurt or harmed. Some of them have difficulty walking or have lost a limb or leg, while others are unable to see or focus or have lost an ear.

Before, Jupiter didn’t believe in fate and had formed a bond with humans. However, that changed when Anna Julia started taking care of us.

Officials took Jupiter out of Anna Julia’s possession after she requested documents to retain ownership of the property.

Unfortunately, the doctors diagnosed him with an incurable form of liver cancer and emphysema. He lost weight quickly and became extremely sick. During Ana Julia’s last visit to the Los Caimanes Zoo, we noticed that she was very thin and had kidney and liver damage.

Jupiter died from liver cancer in 2020, but we still remember him. Jupiter, may you find peace in paradise.

After going through a lot of suffering, may this amazing lion finally find peace. A sincere thank you to the woman who loved and took care of him until he passed away. We are grateful for our bravery in trying to save them.

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