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Welcome to the comprehensive guide to Tully Center Urgent Care, your go-to resource for all things related to urgent medical care and services provided by Tully Health Center. In this article, we will delve into essential aspects such as the location and hours of operation, accepted insurance plans, available services, patient ratings and reviews, community engagement initiatives, clinical locations, and much more.

Whether you are seeking immediate care at Tully Walk-In Care Center or looking for updates on Heywood Urgent Care, we have it all covered. We will explore the recent news, resources, and contact information for recruiters. Stay tuned to discover the benefits, important updates, and frequently asked questions about Tully Center Urgent Care. If you need urgent care ASAP, this article provides all the necessary information you need.

Get ready to explore the results and ownership matters related to Tully Center Urgent Care. Let’s dive into the world of Tully Center Urgent Care and uncover everything you need to know!

Key Takeaways:

  • Tully Center offers convenient urgent care services with multiple locations and walk-in hours.
  • Accepted insurance plans and payment options make Tully Center accessible for all patients.
  • Tully Center is a highly rated and community engaged healthcare provider, with experienced clinicians and a range of services.

Introduction to Tully Center Urgent Care

Tully Center Urgent Care is a leading medical facility dedicated to providing urgent care services to patients in the Athol area.

Its commitment to delivering exceptional medical treatment is evident through its multiple locations, such as Tully Walk-In Care Center and Heywood Urgent Care, and the convenience of its placement at North Quabbin Commons Plaza. The center offers an extensive range of services, including COVID-related services, which have become increasingly vital in recent times. Patients have the flexibility of utilizing various insurance options or self-pay, ensuring accessibility to care for all individuals seeking medical attention.

Location and Hours

The Tully Center Urgent Care facilities, including Tully Walk-In Care Center and Heywood Urgent Care, are strategically located at the North Quabbin Commons Plaza in Athol, offering convenient access to patients in the area.

Tully Walk-In Care Center, situated at the heart of Athol, operates from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, making it easily accessible to individuals requiring urgent medical care after regular clinic hours. The facility boasts a team of experienced healthcare providers, including physicians and nurses, who efficiently cater to a wide range of medical needs.

Similarly, Heywood Urgent Care is conveniently located in Gardner, and it operates seven days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm, ensuring that patients can seek immediate medical attention at their convenience. With a dedicated staff and modern medical resources, Heywood Urgent Care prioritizes timely and comprehensive care for individuals in need of urgent medical services.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Tully Center Urgent Care accepts a wide range of insurance plans to ensure that patients have access to high-quality medical services without financial barriers. Self-pay options are available for individuals without insurance coverage.

By accepting various insurance plans, Tully Center Urgent Care strives to make sure that patients can seek medical assistance without worrying about the financial aspect. This commitment to inclusivity is also evident in their provision of self-pay options, catering to individuals who may not have insurance coverage. With these measures in place, Tully Center Urgent Care aims to deliver accessible and equitable healthcare services to the community.

Services and Payment Options

Tully Center Urgent Care
Tully Center Urgent Care

Tully Center Urgent Care offers a comprehensive range of medical services, including urgent care, COVID services, and various payment options such as insurance coverage and self-pay arrangements, ensuring that patients receive prompt and effective treatment.

At Tully Center Urgent Care, patients can access a wide array of urgent medical services, from treatment for common ailments to more serious conditions, all with the guarantee of receiving timely and effective care. The center’s dedicated COVID services ensure that individuals can receive testing, evaluation, and guidance related to COVID-19, reinforcing the commitment to safeguarding public health.

Tully Center Urgent Care also prioritizes flexibility in payment options, offering the convenience of insurance coverage for those with applicable policies, as well as accommodating self-pay arrangements for those without insurance, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring that high-quality medical treatment is accessible to all.

Patient Ratings and Reviews

Patient ratings and reviews for Tully Center Urgent Care facilities, including Tully Walk-In Care Center and Heywood Urgent Care, reflect the exceptional care provided by dedicated providers and the positive impact of their services on the community.

Patients consistently praise the Tully Center Urgent Care facilities for their attentive and compassionate approach to addressing healthcare needs. The commitment of the dedicated providers to deliver high-quality care has earned them glowing reviews and high ratings from the community. The impact of their services extends beyond individual patient experiences, contributing to the overall wellbeing and satisfaction of the community. This positive feedback and trust from patients further validate the exceptional care and support provided by Tully Center Urgent Care.

Community Engagement

Tully Center Urgent Care actively engages with the Athol community, supporting various initiatives and events, including collaborations with local schools, participation in cultural events, and engagement with businesses, such as Fortune 500 companies, to promote community well-being.

At local cultural events like concerts, plays, and art exhibits, Tully Center Urgent Care plays an influential role in fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie. The center is dedicated to the preservation of natural resources, such as rivers, lakes, and shorelines, through its active involvement in initiatives centered around environmental conservation. By aligning with the community’s values and aspirations, the center continues to strengthen its connection with Athol and contribute to the overall well-being of the residents.

Clinical Locations

Tully Center Urgent Care maintains exceptional clinical locations, including Tully Walk-In Care Center and Heywood Urgent Care, to ensure convenient access to high-quality medical services for patients in the Athol area.

The strategically placed facilities offer a wide range of medical services, catering to the diverse needs of the community. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, Tully Center Urgent Care is committed to providing comprehensive care in a patient-centric environment. The locations are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by experienced healthcare professionals, ensuring that patients receive timely and effective treatment. By prioritizing accessibility and excellence, Tully Center Urgent Care facilities stand out as pillars of reliable medical care in the Athol area.

Immediate Care Center at Tully Health Center

The Immediate Care Center at Tully Health Center in Athol provides prompt and comprehensive medical treatment, ensuring that individuals receive timely care for their urgent health needs in a state-of-the-art facility.

Equipped with advanced medical technology and staffed by experienced healthcare professionals, the Immediate Care Center at Tully Health Center is dedicated to addressing a wide range of urgent medical issues. Patients can expect efficient and personalized care, with the facility’s focus on delivering timely treatment and thorough evaluations. With a commitment to accessibility and quality, the center aims to meet the immediate health needs of individuals within the community, offering a range of medical services and treatments to cater to diverse requirements.

Dr. Thomas Aloia Joins US Acute Care Solutions Board of Directors

Dr. Thomas Aloia, a distinguished professional in urgent care, has joined the esteemed Board of Directors at US Acute Care Solutions, bringing his expertise and vision to further enhance the quality of care provided by the organization’s dedicated providers.

With over two decades of experience in urgent care and emergency medicine, Dr. Aloia is well-equipped to contribute valuable insights to the board. His extensive knowledge in developing efficient care delivery models, optimizing patient outcomes, and fostering a culture of excellence aligns with the organization’s commitment to providing exceptional patient care.

Dr. Aloia’s appointment reflects the company’s strategic focus on advancing healthcare initiatives and ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety in urgent care settings. His leadership is anticipated to inspire innovative practices and further enable the dedicated providers of US Acute Care Solutions, ultimately benefiting the patients they serve.

Ownership Matters

The ownership and management of Tully Center Urgent Care facilities, including Tully Walk-In Care Center and Heywood Urgent Care, reflect a commitment to excellence, ensuring the delivery of exceptional services and care to the community.

Having a strong emphasis on ownership and management quality at Tully Center Urgent Care facilities is crucial in ensuring that the community receives top-notch care and services. The dedication to excellence permeates every aspect of these facilities, promoting a culture where patient well-being and satisfaction are central. This commitment to quality ownership and management plays a significant role in maintaining the high standard of care and reliability that the community has come to expect from Tully Center Urgent Care.

Walk-In Hours at Tully Walk-In Care Center

Tully Walk-In Care Center offers convenient walk-in hours to accommodate patients’ medical needs, ensuring prompt access to high-quality care without prior appointments, fostering a patient-centric approach to healthcare.

The center understands the unpredictability of medical issues and strives to make healthcare more accessible by providing a range of walk-in hours. This flexibility allows individuals to seek medical assistance at their convenience without the hassle of scheduling appointments.

The dedicated staff at Tully Walk-In Care Center is committed to delivering personalized care to each patient, ensuring that their medical needs are promptly addressed during their visit.

Important Update – Heywood Urgent Care

Heywood Urgent Care is pleased to announce an important update regarding its services, aimed at further enhancing the healthcare experience for patients in the Athol area.

The update includes the introduction of cutting-edge telemedicine technology, allowing patients to connect with healthcare providers remotely for consultations and medical advice. The facility has expanded its range of services to encompass preventive care, vaccinations, and specialized treatment options, catering to a wider spectrum of healthcare needs. These enhancements signify Heywood Urgent Care’s commitment to providing comprehensive and accessible healthcare, aligning with the evolving demands of the local community.

News and Resources

Stay informed about the latest news and resources from Tully Center Urgent Care facilities, including Tully Walk-In Care Center and Heywood Urgent Care, to remain updated on medical developments and community initiatives in the Athol area.

These facilities are at the forefront of providing comprehensive medical services and essential information to the local community. Tully Center Urgent Care is committed to delivering high-quality care through its range of services, from minor injuries to more complex medical issues. The centers strive to keep the public informed about preventive measures, health education programs, and vaccination updates, ensuring that individuals can access the necessary resources to lead healthy lives. By staying connected with Tully Center Urgent Care, individuals can leverage the latest advancements in medical care and community well-being.

Contact a Recruiter

For medical professionals seeking rewarding employment opportunities, contacting a recruiter at US Acute Care Solutions can open doors to a fulfilling career in urgent care, supported by a dedicated and dynamic healthcare organization.

US Acute Care Solutions stands out as a comprehensive provider of acute care services, offering healthcare professionals the chance to be part of a dynamic and innovative team. With a commitment to delivering high-quality care, the organization encourages professional growth and provides a supportive environment for its staff.

By reaching out to a recruiter at US Acute Care Solutions, medical professionals can explore a diverse range of opportunities across various locations, allowing them to have a positive impact on patient outcomes while advancing their own careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your frequently asked questions about the services offered at Tully Center Urgent Care facilities, ensuring that patients have access to comprehensive information and support for their healthcare needs.

At Tully Center Urgent Care, we strive to provide efficient medical services tailored to meet the needs of our patients. Our facilities offer a range of

  • urgent care services
  • such as treatment for minor injuries, illnesses, and diagnostic tests

. Our experienced medical staff is proficient in delivering timely and compassionate care, ensuring that patients receive the attention they deserve. With our advanced diagnostic technology and well-equipped facilities, we prioritize accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans to promote patient well-being. Whether you require

  • urgent medical attention


  • routine healthcare services

, our dedicated team is committed to addressing your medical concerns with professionalism and expertise.

Need Care ASAP?

If you require urgent medical treatment, don’t hesitate to visit Tully Center Urgent Care facilities, including Tully Walk-In Care Center and Heywood Urgent Care, for immediate assistance from dedicated healthcare professionals.

At Tully Center Urgent Care, your health and well-being are our top priorities. Our team of experienced medical professionals is committed to providing prompt and effective care for a wide range of medical conditions, from minor injuries to acute illnesses.

In terms of urgent medical needs, time is of the essence. Delaying treatment can exacerbate symptoms and prolong recovery. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek immediate assistance at a reputable urgent care facility like Tully Center, where you can receive timely attention and expert medical intervention.

Our Results

Our commitment to delivering exceptional medical care at Tully Center Urgent Care facilities, including Tully Walk-In Care Center and Heywood Urgent Care, is reflected in our outstanding medical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and positive impact on the community.

In recent medical case studies, our teams at Tully Center Urgent Care have achieved impressive success rates in treating conditions such as respiratory infections, minor injuries, and acute illnesses, earning high praise from patients for the quality and efficiency of care provided.

The strong collaboration with local healthcare networks has enabled Tully Center Urgent Care to extend medical support beyond clinical settings, conducting health education sessions, and participating in community wellness events to promote preventive care and overall well-being.


The medical benefits provided by Tully Center Urgent Care facilities, including Tully Walk-In Care Center and Heywood Urgent Care, extend beyond individual patient well-being, encompassing dedicated support for the broader community’s healthcare needs.

These urgent care facilities are not just places for treating acute illnesses and injuries; they are pillars of the community’s health and wellness. Tully Center Urgent Care goes above and beyond by providing timely and accessible medical services to everyone, irrespective of their background or circumstances. Their commitment to community outreach programs and health education initiatives enhances the overall well-being of the entire region. The comprehensive medical benefits offered by Tully Center Urgent Care play a vital role in promoting a healthier and more resilient society.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tully Center Urgent Care?

Tully Center Urgent Care is a medical facility that provides immediate medical care for non-life threatening conditions. It is open extended hours and does not require appointments.

Where is Tully Center Urgent Care located?

Tully Center Urgent Care is located at [insert address here]. It is conveniently located near [insert nearby landmarks or major roads].

What are the operating hours for Tully Center Urgent Care?

Tully Center Urgent Care is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm and on weekends from 9:00am to 5:00pm. It is closed on major holidays.

What types of medical services are offered at Tully Center Urgent Care?

Tully Center Urgent Care provides treatment for a variety of non-life threatening health issues, including but not limited to: common illnesses, minor injuries, allergies, and skin conditions. It also offers preventative care such as vaccinations and physical exams.

Do I need insurance to visit Tully Center Urgent Care?

No, insurance is not required to visit Tully Center Urgent Care. It offers affordable self-pay options for those without insurance.

Can I make an appointment at Tully Center Urgent Care?

No, appointments are not necessary at Tully Center Urgent Care. Patients are seen on a walk-in basis and are typically in and out within an hour.