The Scientists Handmade Wheels Allowed The Turtle To Walk Despite Losing Two Of Its Legs

The Turtle : This story is about animals and how they can be given a better life even when facing challenges. It also shows how clever people can use their knowledge to save lives.

For example, there was a tortoise named Pedro who couldn’t use his hind legs. But luckily, some students came up with a brilliant idea to help him. They made two wheels out of Lego pieces and attached them to Pedro. With these wheels, Pedro was able to move again.

So, this story is about the love for animals and how some people use their cleverness to improve their lives and save them.

When Pedro was adopted, he was already missing one of his hind legs. But then he disappeared for a few months, and when they found him, he had lost the other one too. He was crawling with his poor shell.

Feeling very sad and hopeless, his owner, Sandra Taylor, brought him to the Louisiana State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. There, they finally found a solution to his problem.

In this situation, it wasn’t the professionals who saved Pedro, but two veterinary students named Rockwell and Sarah Mercer. They came up with the idea of helping Pedro by attaching two wheels from a Lego car kit to the spot where his legs would normally be. This allowed Pedro to move around again.

Pedro received excellent care and had constant support.

A group of animal doctors led by Dr. Mark Mitchell took care of Pedro with great dedication and skill. Because of that, they came up with a plan to create a special device that would fit Pedro’s body. The best option they found was to build a wheelchair using Lego pieces. Thanks to this help, Pedro the turtle was rescued.

“We have the whole hospital’s medical team and all the students assisting us. We had to make the supports long enough to match his body size. We also designed them to be removable, so they could be taken out to clean Pedro. We had to experiment with a few options to get the right fit,” explained Rockwell, the veterinarian in charge.

That’s how the wheels ended up attached to the back of the turtle, causing it to move around.

“To attach the Lego wheels to Pedro’s body, the professionals used a special glue called epoxy, which is also used to attach horseshoes to horses. They used syringe needles to hold the pieces together and made some modifications to fit them properly. It was a delicate and artistic task that required love, knowledge, and dedication.

“Going to vet school can be challenging, but sitting on the floor with my classmates and mentors, all laughing with delight as we saw Pedro for the first time, was a moment of pure happiness,” said Mercer, a nurse at the hospital in Louisiana.”

“Sandra was really thankful to the team that helped her veteran turtle.

“It felt like a science class, but even better because we were experiencing it,” he said.

Don’t miss the touching video showing Pedro’s progress.

This great news shows us how important it is to study, learn new things, and think creatively to find unconventional solutions that can often save lives, just like these students did with Pedro the turtle.

Share this story with your friends to promote love for animals and to have more stories of improvement like Pedro’s.”

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