SHIVER…!! The Streets Are Suddenly Filled With Millions OF Red & Weird Creatures, Turns Out The Fact…..

Weird Creatures : In recent times, the Australian island of Christmas Island has become famous for its red crabs. Every year, millions of these bright red creatures come out of the island’s forests and make their way to the ocean in a large group. This migration has become a popular tourist attraction.

Although the sight of so many crabs can be a bit scary at first, it’s difficult not to be amazed by the huge number of crabs involved. Despite their somewhat scary look, these crabs play an important role in the island’s ecosystem.

So what exactly are these creepy crawly creatures, and why do they take over the island every year?

Red crabs are a specific kind of crab that exclusively inhabit Christmas Island, located in the Indian Ocean roughly 2600 km northwest of Perth. They possess a distinct feature that aids in their identification: a vibrant red outer covering, which serves as protection against potential threats. These crabs can reach sizes of up to 11 cm in width, making them among the largest land crabs globally.

Every year, the red crabs move in large groups from the forest where they live to the coast. This is when they mate and release their eggs into the ocean. The migration usually happens in November or December, when the rainy season starts and makes it easier for the crabs to travel.

During the migration, the island’s roads are closed to cars, and people are asked to stay inside and not disturb the crabs. This is important because the crabs are not only important for themselves, but also for the island’s environment. They help to improve the soil and spread nutrients, and they also help to control the growth of invasive plants.

Red crabs are very important, but they are facing problems like losing their homes, changes in the weather, and other animals coming to their island that don’t belong there. People are working to keep the crabs safe and protect where they live. They are even building special paths for the crabs to cross busy roads.

If you ever get the chance to be on Christmas Island during the time when the crabs move around, don’t be scared of them. Instead, enjoy watching one of the most amazing things that nature does and understand how these red crabs are really important to the island they live on.

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