You Definitely Won’t My Tears When Witnessing The Scene Of The Poor Dog Chasing The Rescue Convoy Begging For Help Is Very Earnest And Urgent

It’s really sad and urgent to see a poor dog desperately chasing a group of people trying to help, asking for help. Some pictures of this emotional moment have become very popular on social media in countries like Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. People are curious to know more about what happened and find it heartwarming.

Some people on the internet have been telling a story that the dog was a stray and followed the army because it wanted to help them. But the truth, according to a report by Los Tiempos, is that the pictures were taken by a photographer named Luis Fernando Chumacero in Tupiza, Bolivia. This happened during the quarantine period of the ongoing pandemic. The army vehicle in the pictures was just patrolling to make sure people were following safety rules.

Contrary to what people thought, the dog was not a stray. It turns out that the dog named Gorda is actually a beloved pet living with the soldiers in the barracks. Each regiment in the army adopts dogs, and they live with the soldiers, eat with them, and go through training just like any soldier would. Gorda is the mascot of a specific division. When the Covid-19 pandemic started, Gorda saw the soldiers patrolling in response to the outbreak and eagerly followed them. The soldiers in the vehicle noticed Gorda’s determination to be with them, so they decided to pick him up and let him join them. This beautiful moment was captured by a photographer.

It’s interesting that as soon as Gorda got in the car, another gray dog named Multicam quickly came over and wanted to join too. Multicam is the mascot of a different division.

These two dogs’ picture has been edited in many different places online. Whether people know the real story or not, everyone agrees that both dogs are very cute and bring happiness during these tough times of the epidemic.

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