Maharshi vedvyas kon hai? Mahabharat ke Rachayita Maharshi Vedvyas. Mahabharat real k maharshi Vedvyas ki ek story?

maharshi vedvyas

Maharshi vedvyas

Maharishi Krishnadvaipayan Vedavyas was the author of the mahabharat Granth. Mahabharata text was written by Lord Ganeshdeva after listening to Maharishi Ved Vyasa . The Ved Vyas have not only been the authors of the Mahabharata, but have also been witness to the events which have taken place in chronological order. Information about all the activities of Hastinapur from his ashram used to reach him.

He also used to give his advice on those incidents. Whenever there was a situation of conflict and crisis, Mother Satyavati used to invite him to the ashram for discussion, sometimes in the Raj Bhavan of Hastinapur. In every Dwapara Yuga, Vishnu appeared as Vyasa and presented the divisions of vedvyas . In the first Dwapara, Brahma Ved Vyas himself, in the second Prajapati, in the third Dt is believed. Parashar and Vyas are both separate gotras, hence it is wrong to consider both the gotras as equal on the internet. He was the son of Parashar Muni. Vyas and Parashar gotra have marriage prohibition. Yes, the future gotra’s own gotra should be different from these two gotras.

Krishnadvapayan Vedavya

Rishi Ved vyas ( Jayasahita )
Characters in hindu mythology
Name:Krishnadvapayan Vedavya
other names:Krishnadvapayan, Badaraini, Parasarya
Reference Text:Mahabharat , puran etc.
Place of birth:Yamuna Beach hastinapur
Business:Vedic sage
mother-father:Satyavati(Matsyagandha) and Rishi parashar
siblings:Bhishm and Citrangad the stepbrother
children:Dritraahtra , pandu and Vidur

When the time came, satyavati has a son who had passed from the womb to the Vedas. At birth, the child grew up and said to his mother, “Mother! Whenever you remember me in adversity, I will be present.” Having said this, he went to the island of Dwaipayan to do penance. Due to doing penance in Dwaipayan island and his body color being black, he came to be called Krishna Dwaipayan. Later on he became famous by the name of Ved Vyas due to commenting on the Vedas.