The 9 Most Important Benefits Of Whatsapp Business API

WhatsApp Business is a distinct, free app designed just for businesses. It has a distinct picture and a distinct name. It provides small enterprises with the most basic communication channels, such as one-on-one and group chats. The WhatsApp Business account may be used on the same phone but requires a new phone number.

To manage your personal WhatsApp account as well as a WhatsApp Business account, it’s usually advisable to have a second SIM card. This protects the contact names, which is necessary for compliance. You can utilize numerous tools that aren’t accessible in the app by using the API.

1. Combine All Of Your Contact Methods Into A Single Email.

Customers may communicate with one another in a variety of methods these days. Email, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other similar services are available. You may merge all your communication options into a single email using Trengo and the WhatsApp Business API.

This implies that all your communications from Instagram, your web page, or WhatsApp will be sent to the same location. This allows you and your team to view all the messages easily. Consider it the starting point of your dialogue. This is not even doable with the app alone.

2. Work As A Group.

A firm may manage and reply to multiple WhatsApp messages from different users using the WhatsApp corporate API. This is particularly useful for larger firms that get many communications since it allows them to divide the job among numerous team members.

You and your employees can communicate in groups using the WhatsApp Business API on a platform like Trengo. This means you won’t have to depend on resources outside the organization to seek a colleague for assistance.

3. Send Messages

In addition to managing standard customer interaction, the API allows you to send automated messages to consumers over WhatsApp. Consider order receipts, remarks, shipment updates, and so forth. Customers may use WhatsApp to discuss a product, purchase it, and get information. Businesses may send these messages manually or automatically, and they can plan changes or make them happen when particular events occur.

For example, a company may decide to send a consumer an automated message as soon as they complete a purchase. To utilize this functionality, businesses must connect their website software to the API. When you utilize the Trengo API, you may leverage the built-in APIs for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and Lightspeed.

4. Automate Labor Procedures

Customer care representatives have a greater challenge than ever before. Customers now anticipate speedier replies, particularly on WhatsApp. Meeting these criteria is quite challenging when your staff gets several SMS regularly. When using Trengo’s API, you can automate operations and procedures that keep your team and client’s time.

First, you may set up an auto-reply that responds to every consumer. This might be accomplished by sending an “out of office” or “hello” message during working hours. You may also respond to frequently asked questions with brief remarks. Your whole staff may utilize the same short responses.

You may use rules to address repetitive aspects of your team’s procedure. Most customer support representatives do these tasks hundreds of times every day. You distribute CSAT surveys and ensure messages are delivered to the appropriate individual. Because rules can easily accomplish anything, your team can focus on communicating with the consumer.

A WhatsApp robot can help you schedule meetings with your consumers. The bot will be able to understand and reply to simple queries, provide advice using multiple-choice questions, and route your consumer to a human at the appropriate moment.

5. Analyze Performance And Customer Satisfaction.

As a manager, you’ll want to know how your team is doing and whether or not your customers are satisfied. However, retaining a clear picture of everything might be difficult if you operate on a team with frequent daily meetings. Using Trengo’s API may give you precise information about your client contacts. You’ll learn how fast your staff responds to messages, how many conversations they have daily, and how quickly they can address a customer’s issue.

6. Send A Large Number Of Messages.

Do you sell items that are in high demand? Or do you want folks to understand what’s going on with a system problem? Or notify interested clients when a fresh line is available? You may notify many individuals at once with WhatsApp Bulk SMS.

You may utilize the WhatsApp company API to market your company by sending many SMS simultaneously. Bulk SMS is sent from a single account to several accounts simultaneously. People who read the messages will not realize it is a group communication since they will perceive it as private.

You may send SMS to up to 800 individuals at once using the WhatsApp Business API. A message template is required to send a Bulk message. Adding names or order data, on the other hand, might make it more personalized. As a result, the consumer feels the experience was tailor-made for them.

7. Integrate Whatsapp Into Your Website.

You may help customers navigate your website by including a WhatsApp conversation. The advantage of WhatsApp over regular live chat is that the conversation may continue even when the customer leaves the website.

8. Use The Response Buttons.

Customers want information as soon as possible. It would help if you had reply buttons. You may swiftly respond to clients using the WhatsApp Business API and the return buttons. Customers may be sent a return button having up to three options. This shortens the conversation and keeps time for your customer support representatives, who might have had to write everything by hand.

Reply buttons are great for things that happen often. Consider sending or receiving money back. Give the consumer three options, and the conversation will go more easily and consistently. People will react and join up in greater numbers. Clicking is more convenient than typing!

It keeps time for both the client and your staff. Your users will no longer have to wait for a response, and your staff will be free to focus on more complex issues. Simply add return buttons; unlike message themes, you do not need to get authorization. You are free to alter them anytime you wish.

9. Validate Yourself On Whatsapp.

They demonstrate that a firm or individual can be trusted. You may verify your account using the WhatsApp Business API to obtain the WhatsApp green tick. The green check mark indicates that Meta has verified your company. This makes it a legitimate company account. Buyers will have a favorable first impression of you after your account is authorized.

After that, the badge is easily visible and demonstrates that you are genuine. After all, you’ve gone through the process of being checked out. The WhatsApp green tick creates it easy for individuals to contact you and demonstrates that they believe in your company. It’s also a service that many businesses utilize.

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