Netizens Are Scared With Of A Half- Human , Half Fish Creature Laying In An Abandoned Building

Half Fish: Humans, like other species on our planet, tend to feel fear and apprehension towards the vastness and mysteries of the ocean. We are scared of the deep sea because we know there are many different creatures living there.

When we think about sharks and whales, they can make us feel afraid because they are really huge and powerful, and they live in an unusual place. This fear is a normal reaction to things we don’t know and the possible dangers that could happen if we come across these sea animals.

Apart from sharks and whales, there are numerous other intimidating creatures lurking in the water that possess the capacity to cause harm and attack. Among these formidable beings is the goblin shark, a species dwelling in the deep sea, measuring approximately 5.4-6.2 meters in length.

Fangtooth is a scary creature that lives deep underwater, about 5000 meters below the sea’s surface. It can frighten humans and other underwater animals. Another sea creature that can easily scare anyone is the Black Swallower. It is known for its fierceness and attacking abilities.

This creature can be found very deep down in the sea, between 700 and 2745 meters. It is quite small, measuring only 0.25 meters in length. The Viperfish is known for being very scary when it decides to attack. There are other scary creatures in the deep sea too, like the megamouth shark, blue-ringed octopus, rattail, barreleye, marine hatchet fish, and spangletooth shark.

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