Rescue That Took Everyone’s Tears Away From The Pain Bull With Hundreds Of Wires Stuck Through The Skin To The Bone

The Pain Bull : Angelo is a bull that we found in a lot of pain. He had multiple ropes digging into his front leg all the way down to the bone. This happened because someone tightly tied his leg to his horns. It’s a harmful technique used by ignorant farmers to prevent cows from escaping and stop bulls from mating because they can’t lift their heads.

Usually, a single rope is tied, and you often see cows crouched and hobbling down the roads with their heads bent low, and you can almost feel the horrendous neck strain.

But in Angelo’s case, the abuse was made worse over time, and perhaps because the rope was too short, it added to his suffering.

He probably had no power, but the farmer who owned the cows near this bull wanted to breed his cows using the sperm of foreign breeds because they are believed to produce more milk. This almost ended Angelo’s life. However, Angelo, who had only experienced cruelty from humans, had a kind and gentle nature.

Even during the daily wound dressings, which may have been painful at times, Angelo seemed to understand that we were doing our best to help him. His eyes were gentle, and his face showed love and composure. Within a month, his bandages could be removed, and this is the person Angelo becomes when his suffering is all behind him.

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