Serious Warning : Do Not Contact Aliens Or They Will Destroy Human Race

Not Contact Aliens : Professor Stephen Hawking has warned against making first contact with aliens. He believes that if we do, the aliens might harm humans and take over our planet. He thinks that aliens may not welcome our initial approach, so he advises us to be careful about reaching out to them. He also talked about a planet called Gliese 832c, which was discovered recently and could possibly support extraterrestrial life.

Hawking compares the potential contact with aliens to Christopher Columbus’ meeting with Native Americans.

Hawking believes that people on Earth might one day get a signal from another planet. However, he thinks we should be careful when responding to any communication from extraterrestrial life. He compared encountering advanced alien beings to Columbus’ initial encounter with Native Americans, which didn’t go well.

There’s a possibility that alien species could be dangerous marauders traveling through the galaxy, looking to plunder and conquer planets before colonizing them. This could mean the end of human existence on Earth.

Professor Hawking has expressed concerns about making contact with extraterrestrial beings before, and he appeared on the Discovery Channel in 2010 to discuss the potential danger of aliens destroying humanity.

Hawking mentioned that the temperature on Earth could rise by as much as 250 degrees Celsius due to climate change.

As he got older, Hawking became more certain that humans are not alone in the universe. He is now leading a global effort to explore this possibility.

Hawking seems concerned about more than just aliens ending life on Earth.

He also warned that if we don’t take action on climate change, Earth could become as hot as Venus, turning into a “hothouse” where humanity can’t survive.

Hawking criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, fearing it could worsen global warming to an irreversible point, potentially reaching temperatures of 250 degrees Celsius.

Many academics disagreed with Hawking, arguing that such high temperatures are unlikely because Earth is farther from the Sun than Venus and lacks a carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere like Venus.

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