Crazy Things You’ve Never Seen At Crocodile Farming India

Crocodile farming is a profitable business in India, and many farmers have found success in it. In this unique venture, farmers raise crocodiles for their valuable skin and meat, which are used to make luxury items like bags, belts, shoes, and wallets.

One example of a successful crocodile farmer is Mr. Hemant Sharma, who started his farm in Haryana state in 1996. Today, he has over 2,000 crocodiles and earns millions of rupees annually by selling their skin and meat in international markets.

To start a crocodile farm, you need enough land and resources to create ponds and enclosures for the crocodiles. Water supply is crucial as crocodiles need a lot of water to thrive.

The key to a successful crocodile farm lies in providing good food, proper care, and having experienced staff to handle the reptiles and keep them healthy.

Crocodile farming is sustainable because these reptiles can live up to 70 years and keep reproducing throughout their lives, ensuring a steady income for many decades once the farm is established.

In conclusion, crocodile farming can be a rewarding venture for those who invest time and resources in it. With hard work, knowledge, and proper management, success in this fascinating field is possible.

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In summary, crocodile farming is a profitable business that can make millions of rupees for those who are ready to invest time and resources. It needs hard work and know-how, but the rewards are worth it. With the right plan and management, you can also succeed in this thrilling field.

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