Corona vaccine leni hai to kya dhyan rakhna chahiye? COVID-19 vaccine me kya dhyan rakhe?

COVID-19 Corona vaccine lene ke liye kya dhyan rakhna chahiye?

The Corona epidemic is now in its infancy. Then the intellectuals are wondering whether the lockdown should be done in the city again or not. Bringing in lockdowns exacerbates the problems of the poor and middle class. And if the lockdown doesn’t apply, people don’t understand and Corona’s case continues to grow. No matter what we say, once a man leaves the house or someone comes to his house, his fear of becoming a coroner increases. Also, Corona is an enemy who is sitting on the sidelines, even if we make the slightest mistake, he immediately defeats us. After one year, the cases of Corona virus have started increasing rapidly again

COVID-19 vaccine. Covexin ya covishild

Vaccination of people in such cases is being done at a fast pace. We have two corona vaccines available there. Covexin and Covisild. There are some things to keep in mind if you are going to get the corona vaccine soon or have just been vaccinated. If you are careful, you will not get side effects from the corona vaccine.


Covid-19 vaccine registrtion for presh bellow link

Covid-19 Vaccine Registretion

COVID-19 vaccine fast dose

COVID-19 vaccine fast dose
Corona vaccine fast dose

Corona vaccine lene ke bad kya karna chahiye?

If you have been vaccinated, rest for a while. , Avoid working immediately. Rest completely for at least 2-3 days after vaccination. Some people experience side effects immediately after the vaccine and some people experience side effects after 8 hours. So after getting vaccinated, pay attention to your health for at least two days. Working less during the two days even if the working class cannot take leave.


Avoid crowded places if you have only taken the first dose of the vaccine. Maintain complete safety until both doses of the vaccine are used. However, you should follow the protocol in full even after applying both doses of the vaccine.

Corona vaccine
Corona vaccine second dose

Corona vaccine ke do dose lene ke bad?

Once again the corona infection is flying fast. In such cases you should avoid traveling even if you have been vaccinated. Guidelines from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend not traveling even after the vaccine has been installed. Therefore, during this time, postpone all outbound work for at least four to five days

If you use cigarettes and alcohol, stay away from it after the vaccine. Apart from this you should stop eating out. Eating spicy and fried foods should also be avoided.

Yadi aapko alarji ho tab kya kare

You need to be more careful if you already have an allergy problem. After taking the vaccine, take care of your health, if you notice any problem like sudden itching, sudden runny nose, body heat, etc., consult a doctor immediately.

Don’t be afraid to go out even after getting vaccinated. Wear a mask when you go out. Antibodies will only build up in the body after both doses of the vaccine, so even a little carelessness can re-infect the corona. Scientists have also suggested caution even after vaccination.

Corona vaccine ke bad kya khaye?

Keep yourself hydrated immediately before and after the vaccination. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. It keeps the body strong from within. And your immunity is high.

Corona vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine

Immunity badhaye 

It is common to have pain in the hands after the vaccine. So if you have been vaccinated, do not workout for a few days after that, working out will increase hand pain. It can also cause muscle cramps, so stay away from exercise for a few days.