The Occasion Of The Birth Of A Two-Headed Mutant Black Buffalo In Pakistan On Dairy Farm

A special Black Buffalo with two heads was born on a farm in Pakistan and people called it a miracle.

The baby cow was born on September 27 at a dairy farm called Lucky Foods in Karachi. It hasn’t been given a name yet.

This creature has one body, two heads, four eyes, two mouths, two noses, and four ears because of a condition called polycephaly. The condition is believed to occur when an embryo starts to split into twins but then stops, leaving the twins connected. Because the calf is too weak to lift its heavy head, it cannot nurse from its mother and needs to be fed with a bottle.

“A two-headed calf!” said Salma Mamoon Hussain, the CEO of Lucky Foods Dairy. A Farm Manager Told About It on phone, I couldn’t Believe it.

I hurried to the farm to see the calf for myself. “It’s a miracle,” I thought. When I touched the calf, I was surprised to notice that one of its heads felt cold and the other was slightly warm,” Mr. Hussain explained.

He mentioned that they didn’t expect the calf to survive even a day, but this unusual animal has defied the odds by surviving for a week.

Because the calf’s head is very heavy, he can’t stand on his own.

The farm veterinarians are taking care of the calf. We thought he would only live for a day, but he has been alive for almost 100 hours already.

“I want to see him live, see him stand up, move, and function,” he added.

Each animal with multiple heads has its own brain, and they share control of the organs and limbs, although the specific connections between them vary in each case.

Animals with this condition usually don’t live for more than a few months.

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