A Scientist Discovered A Spider The Size Of A Dog In The Rainforest Of Guyana

A Spider: If you’re scared of spiders, please take a moment to calm down before continuing, because this spider is going to give you nightmares. Recently, a Harvard insect expert named Piotr Naskrecki shared an exciting experience he had in the rainforest of Guyana. He encountered a gigantic spider known as the South American Goliath birdeater.

This spider is so big that it’s about the same size as a small dog or puppy. Naskrecki mentioned that their legs can reach up to 30 cm long, which is nearly a foot, and they can weigh up to 170 grams.

When Naskrecki talks about his encounter with the spider, it sounds really scary. The spider would rub its hind legs against its hairy abdomen, which seemed cute at first. But then it shot irritating hairs into his eyes, making him itch and cry for several days. The spider was also capable of piercing a mouse’s skull and tried to poke him with its sharp tools. It made a loud hissing sound too.

Naskrecki says that the spider is mostly harmless to humans, but for someone with a mild fear of spiders, this spider will definitely make many people with arachnophobia feel uneasy at home. If you’re feeling anxious after seeing this big, hairy, hissing, eight-legged Goliath birdeater in all its glory, remember that it actually makes sounds when it moves, so it would probably wake you up before biting you while you’re asleep.

The spider can be a great pet for people who have mouse problems in their house and don’t mind occasional hissing or getting some of its irritating hair in their eyes. However, since the spider is from South America, it’s unlikely to be available in pet stores anytime soon. But let’s imagine how the country would probably react if a Goliath birdeater spider started wandering the streets.

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